Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dishcloth Calendar for 2007

Well, we are coming along with the Knitting calendar for 2007. This is so exciting and I just love doing this. We love to have kitchen and bath items to knit but no calendar to date has ever addressed what some of our groups are interested in. I have the Stitch N Bitch and the Pattern a Day Calendar for 2007 and they are not geared toward any home items, to speak of. You would think a calendar that had a pattern a day for 365 days would come up with at least 25 patterns for the home, they have ponchos, scarves, shawls....how many of these can you wear in a years time.

Anyway, I have finished the calendar cover, putting yarn on the front just seemed natural because most of use hoard yarn like it is going out of style or something. I have 30 patterns for the calendar and I don't have all the patterns yet so this is really going to be a nice calendar.

Here is additional information on the calendar, ordering procedures will be posted in a week or so, so check back later for more info:

Whether you are a beginner knitter or advanced knitter or somewhere in-between, this is the best knitting calendar you will find for 2007.

You can use this calendar like any other desk or wall calendar but this calendar keeps giving all year around. You will receive patterns for the home, tips from designers and helpful information to improve your knitting skills.

Several designers have come together and brought you ideas you can use year round. You will know most of the designers from the various groups on the Internet. We belong to groups just like you do and all the designers have provided free patterns in the past.

We encourage doing business with the people who give back to the knitting community.

For $12 + shipping, you will receive 30+ patterns for the home. The calendar also makes great gifts for your knitting friends and family. We hope you enjoy all of the patterns that were designed here with you in mind.

Editor, Janet Nogle


  • At 6:05 PM, Blogger Holmes 3 said…

    Hi Janet,

    This is a GREAT idea! Can't wait to buy one!

    Happy knitting,


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