Friday, December 01, 2006

Dishcloth Calendar Update

Todays update will let you see another peek at some of the cloths that will be included with the calendar. I will even tell you the name of some of the cloths that will be included. Rhonda White, who is already published with "Spa & Bath Sets to Knit", an awesome book with face cloths and sets will introduce her new cloth "Raspberries-Knitted Dishcloth", Kay Gardiner who is co-author of "Mason-Dixon Knitting" a MUST read, has contributed her latest "Lobby" cloth and you can see a photo of Kay's cloth at her website:
http://www.masondixonknitting.com. Some other cloths : Star Kissed, Sunflower Ensemble, Moss and Leaf Cloth, Diamond and Lace Cloth/Towel sets and many others.

We will open up the processing of orders on December 4th with a ship date of December 8th, the week of December 4th date is our "Pre-Order" promo and a gift of 4 stitch markers will be included on all orders generated from Dec 4th-10th.

An email has been set up for all inquiries due to the large volume of emails about the calendar. We are pleased that so many people are interested. The calendar email address is dicalendar@cox.net You can also send a note to jnogle@cox.net as well. We have also been getting lots of mail in regards to the shipping charges. We are setting up that information as well and we may offer one charge for domestic and one charge for International to simplify the process. We will be offering special pricing for 5 calendars or more ordered, we know some may want to order as Christmas gifts so will be offering those buying 5 calendars or more a free calendar, if you purchase 5, you will be shipped 6 calendars, so be watching for more information on that. Thanks for everyone's interest in our calendar, we are so glad that everyone is so supportive of our efforts.

Janet Nogle


  • At 5:45 PM, Blogger flutter said…

    i think it's a bit odd to expect anyone to purchase something without being able to see pictures of what is in there rather than a snippet here or there. is this something that will change?

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