Friday, November 24, 2006

Our Knitting Calendar Update

Well the calendar is getting closer to being completed. I still have a few patterns I haven't received yet but expect those this week so we can finalize and start printing. This is so exciting, we have such loyal people in the groups I belong to and I so wanted to do something special for them. The designers are the greatest bunch of people you will ever meet. Sssoooo I am offering a freeby for those folks ordering the calendar during the week of December 4th-10th. There is a photo off to the side of some of the markers that will be given away. We wanted a Christmas type theme because it is that time of the year again. I can't even believe this year is almost over.

Here is a bit of a schedule for how things will happen with the calendar. The calendar will go into printing the week of December 4th, that is why we are calling it our Pre-Order period because the calendars won't be ready to be shipped out until around the 8th of December so those placing an order during that week will have a few days to wait before it gets sent, so a little gift will be coming their way in the form of Stitch Markers.

The shipping cost will vary depending on your location and the weight of the package. Obviously if you order more than one calendar it is going to weight a little more. There will be more info on this blog about ordering and shipping. What we will have for payment is PayPal, check or money order. We will ship internationally for our friends that do not live in the US. The shipping for places like Canada, France, United Kingdom, to mention a few will be between $6-$10 to get it to you. If you want we will have the capacity to send you an invoice after you place your order.

There will be more updates on this blog about the progress of the calendar, more shipping information and general information pertaining to the sale of the calendar. I will also be adding more information about what is inside the calendar so make sure you check back often to see the latest information. If you have questions that you would like answered, please feel free to contact me at: jnogle@cox.net

Janet Nogle

Friday, November 17, 2006

Dishcloth Calendar Update

Well we are getting closer to making this calendar available to everyone. I did take a photo of some of the cloths that will appear in the calendar and I am posting that today, I am also going to offer a freeby for those that Pre-Order during our initial roll out. The "Pre-Order" period will be the first week in December while they are in production. Everyone is just going to love this calendar, I am so excited about it. We are doing something for those knitters that want more patterns for the home. I was getting tired of seeing calendars that focus primarily on accessories and not much for the home. That is why I was so impressed with the book Mason Dixon Knitting, it offered items our groups are actually interested in making.

Here is a photo and list of some of the contributors to our calendar:


Janet Nogle
Marilyn Wallace
Danielle Cote
Kay Gardner
Maile Mauch
Crys Manship
Rainy Kimbrough
Carol Yates
Alli Barrett
Andi Worthy
Rhonda White
Cheryl Griffin
Carol Callaway
Enid Danforth
Susan Mrenna
Lisa Vienneau

Thanks and remember to check this blog frequently to get more information.

November KAL2

Here is a photo of My KAL through Day 2. The Border is Moss/Seed Stitch. Hard to tell what it is suppose to be. I am using Classic Elite Newport in Deep Red. The white string is a Life Line I use on all my knitting. It is time to put another in now just in case of a boo boo, I can recover most of what was knitted that way.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dishcloth Calendar for 2007

Well, we are coming along with the Knitting calendar for 2007. This is so exciting and I just love doing this. We love to have kitchen and bath items to knit but no calendar to date has ever addressed what some of our groups are interested in. I have the Stitch N Bitch and the Pattern a Day Calendar for 2007 and they are not geared toward any home items, to speak of. You would think a calendar that had a pattern a day for 365 days would come up with at least 25 patterns for the home, they have ponchos, scarves, shawls....how many of these can you wear in a years time.

Anyway, I have finished the calendar cover, putting yarn on the front just seemed natural because most of use hoard yarn like it is going out of style or something. I have 30 patterns for the calendar and I don't have all the patterns yet so this is really going to be a nice calendar.

Here is additional information on the calendar, ordering procedures will be posted in a week or so, so check back later for more info:

Whether you are a beginner knitter or advanced knitter or somewhere in-between, this is the best knitting calendar you will find for 2007.

You can use this calendar like any other desk or wall calendar but this calendar keeps giving all year around. You will receive patterns for the home, tips from designers and helpful information to improve your knitting skills.

Several designers have come together and brought you ideas you can use year round. You will know most of the designers from the various groups on the Internet. We belong to groups just like you do and all the designers have provided free patterns in the past.

We encourage doing business with the people who give back to the knitting community.

For $12 + shipping, you will receive 30+ patterns for the home. The calendar also makes great gifts for your knitting friends and family. We hope you enjoy all of the patterns that were designed here with you in mind.

Editor, Janet Nogle

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knitting Patterns

I am establishing a blog to store patterns and communicate with others. I am adding my "Betsy The Bass" cloth I designed a few months ago as a test to make sure I understand adding text and a photo.

Betsy The Bass
Created By Janet Nogle
From design of Lisa Hamblin
October 19, 2005

#7 Knitting Needles
Peaches N Cream Yarn / 1.5 oz
Cast on 37 stitches

Rows 1-6 Knit Across
Row 7 K4, P29, K4
Row 8 Knit Across
Row 9 K4, P29, K4
Row 10 K4, K14, P2, K13, K4
Row 11 K4, P14, K3, P12, K4
Row 12 (RS) K4, K11, P3, K15, K4
Row 13 (WS) K4, P16, K3, P10, K4
Row 14 K4, K9, P4, K16, K4
Row 15 K4, P13, K8, P8, K4
Row 16 K4, K7, P10, K9, P1, K2, K4
Row 17 K4, P2, K2, P7, K12, P6, K4
Row 18 (RS) K4, K5, P14, K5, P3, K2, K4
Row 19 (WS) K4, P2, K4, P3, K16, P4, K4
Row 20 K4, K3, P18, K1, P4, K3, K4
Row 21 K4, P3, K24, P2, K4
Row 22 K4, K3, P23, K3, K4
Row 23 K4, P2, K4, P2, K18, P3, K4
Row 24 K4, K5, P15, K4, P3, K2, K4
Row 25 K4, P2, K2, P6, K13, P6, K4
Row 26 K4, K7, P11, K8, P1, K2, K4
Row 27 K4, P12, K9, P8, K4
Row 28 K4, K12, P5, K12, K4
Row 29 K4, P11, K5, P13, K4
Row 30 K4, K14, P5, K10, K4
Row 31 K4, P10, K4, P15, K4
Row 32 K4, K17, P3, K9, K4
Row 33 K4, P29, K4
Row 34 Knit Across
Row 35 K4, P29, K4
Row 36 Knit Across
Row 37 K4, P29, K4
Row 38 Knit Across
Row 39 Knit Across
Row 40 Knit Across
Row 41 Knit Across
Row 42 Knit Across
Row 43 Knit Across
Bind Off and weave in ends and you are the proud owner of a fish.