Friday, December 08, 2006

This is probably the last update showing photos of what is in our calendar for a while, not because there are not any more to show but because the last 3 submissions were finally received today, looks like others are having problems with deadlines too...but I thought it would be worth your while to hold off completing if we could get more patterns in it, this brings the tally to 40 patterns, that is awesome in the short amount of time we have had to try to develop this calendar get contributors to add their patterns and getting it ready to print and send out to you. The freebys to you of the stitch markers was our way of saying thanks to you guys for working with us on this and finding out what you wanted in a calendar with patterns so we could bring you what you wanted. I don't know how many emails I received saying forget the calendars, just get us patterns...too funny :)

OK, I have some very lllooonnngg nights ahead of me but it looks like, now that everything has been finalized the calendars will start shipping out on Monday or Tuesday, I wanted to get them out like yesterday but working with revisions and additional patterns we will not be able to do that. They are going out priority mail in the states so it really isn't going to slow down them getting to you. I will of course keep everyone updated on the progress so by checking back here once or twice a week you will know where everything stands.

OK...the lovely blue cloth with the tea set (not included ) is from Carol Yates and it is called "Purly Moon" she really did an awesome job of showing off the cloth. Nice job Carol.

The cloth at the bottom is mine, I have a love affair with wolves and Giraffes and had to make sure there was a cloth for one of my favorite animals. It is called "Giraffe Safari" and I introduce a new border stitch for those always looking for something different to frame their cloths. It is a butterfly type of border.

Some info about ordering:
-The cost is $12
-Stitch Markers (set of 4) are free with those ordering between Dec 4-10
-If you purchase 5 calendars, you will receive an additional one for free
-Shipping for US Citizens: 1 calendar= $4.05 / 2 calendars=$6.50 / 3 calendars = $9.00

-International Shoppers can contact me about your shipping charges.
-You can pay for the calendars with a check, money order or PayPal. Just contact me and let me know how many calendars you want to order. If you live in the US or another country and supply the country name, I will send you back a PayPal invoice. For those of you familiar with the PayPal site, if you know your total amount, you can pay directly from the Paypal site by using my email address as the individual receiving the funds and that address is jnogle@cox.net
-If you are sending a check or money order, you need to make the check out to Janet Nogle and send it to: Janet Nogle/5828 Thames Way / Las Vegas, NV 89110.

I am still pushing through all my emails and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for all of your support on this project.
Janet Nogle


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