Sunday, December 17, 2006

Update Update Update

Well.........they're heerreeeee WOOHOO and they look real nice.

I have really been huffing and puffing over these. The calendars are ready to ship, and will ship via date of request, so if you ordered prior to December 8th the likelihood of those being shipped tomorrow is high. Tuesday we will forge ahead with the 8th-11th and so on. I will try to get all of these shipped to arrive prior to December 25th but I cannot make any guarantees if you didn't pay say until December 14th.

The "Overflow" sheets will not be completed in time to ship with the calendars. The overflow sheets were patterns that I could not squeeze into the calendar, we decided that all patterns submitted by the contributors would be included in this offering. There are 32 patterns in the calendar and the cover letter sent with your calendar lists the remaining patterns that will be sent under separate cover. The number of patterns in the "Overflow" sheets is 14 so we ended up with a total of 46 patterns, just bear with us on getting those to you we are in overload mode right now.

Anyone who has not yet ordered their Knitting calendar for 2007 can still do so, there will be a point where I no longer will take orders due to the fact that this is dated material. You can pay for the calendar by going to the paypal site and sending the correct amount to my email address of jnogle@cox.net. You can check pricing on my blog.

We are still working on the stitch markers and you should see them included with your order or additional info about them, some may be shipped from other parts of the country. I am telling you that so you know we didn't forget you and the stitch markers are still yours, the issue is one person here versus many other talented people in other states involved with our efforts.

I want to say thanks to everyone for being so supportive of what we wanted to do for the knitting groups. You will enjoy these patterns all year long.

Janet Nogle


  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger Paula said…

    Wonderful news, I can't wait till my calendar arrives!


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