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Here is a new photo for you. This pattern was submitted by Danielle Cote called Candy Stripe. Danielle has numerous patterns for free at her website: http://cf.geocities.com/knitdishclothcorner/. Her site is very very popular and sometimes hard to get in to but it is worth it-don't give up you will love everything you see. She is french and has patterns posted in French abd English. This pattern can be found in the "Overflow" patterns.

There was an error spotted late in the process, which has been corrected for future printing. That error was in the pattern for April "Star Kissed" by Carol Yates. The bio listed was not the bio for Carol Yates but another Carol. She has brought it to my attention, I want to publicly apologize for the error. A "shortened" bio was added to her pattern page, I have made up another disc and have delivered it to the printer. Any future calendars will have Carol Yates bio on them.

I guess having a printer print and bind the calendars was the right direction to go but I have had numerous problems getting them printed timely AND correctly. They brought to my attention that some calendars may have a flaw (yeah right!). Some, but I am told not many, left with the calendar months "June" and "July" out of sequence so to make it easy on you...you can get through the hotest month first this year (UGH!)

I picked up more calendars yesterday and I am trying to get through most of the pending orders only to find another uh uh uh "Flaw", they failed to use the "Revised" October page so what I am doing is running off the "Corrected" Pattern page myself and I will staple (Real Professional) the corrected page. I told someone yesterday that if it wasn't for "Bad" luck, I wouldn't have had any luck at all on this!!!

If you receive a calendar you want to replace because of any of the things mentioned above, just send your calendar back to me and I will send out a "Revised" copy as soon as the printer gets them to me. I apologize for all of the comedy of errors and at this point I could write a book on "how NOT" to publish things and the first DO NOT would be if you can't have them ready in August to go on sale DON'T DO THEM AT ALL!!! There was entirely too much rushing around to get these done and to the printer. Next year, if I do it at all...these will be ready to sell on Sept 1st with a cut off date of December 15th...period. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I have been one stressed out individual since December 4th. I have been upset at myself for things as well. So I certainly understand you wanting a professional document, you deserve that, so I only want my Internet friends to be happy with their calendar, that is the least I can do at this point.

I want to thank you guys for your patience through all of this, trying to get this many out and dealing with a postal system that is, uh, uh, uh well inadequate. I sent these by Priority Mail just because I wanted everyone to get them by Christmas and they do promise 2-3 days delivery sending it priority well...it has been 7 and sometimes 10 days before receipt of these packages. Of course once it leaves my house I kind of lose control over the process but even the tracking wasn't working like it could have so, I guess this document is long enough to put you to sleep so I just wanted you to know where everything stood at this point.

I plan to get the 16 "Overflow" patterns to everyone by Jan 15, I am hoping things will settle down a bit by then. These will NOT go via regular mail however, they will be emailed to everyone. So If I can get through the rest of the orders I can finalize that document. For those that were still waiting to receive their calendars, I got a quick document to them of the 16 patterns so they would have something to work with so if your calendar has been delayed (haven't received yet) I will forward that document to you if you send me a short note via email to jnogle@cox.net

Thanks again to everyone, I will be mailing more packets today and I am up to December 22nd orders so the rest have been mailed some won't receive for a while though if they live outside the US, they are taking a bit longer to arrive.

I will update you on the progress and I will list the cutoff date for ordering in the near future so if you are still thinking about it, be aware that you need to check back before ordering because the cutoff date will probably be in February. This is "dated" material so we will need to stop providing it sometime soon.

Janet Nogle


  • At 6:11 AM, Blogger THE KNITORIOUS MRS. B said…

    Hi Janet!
    Just wanted you to know that I love my calendar, boo-boos and all!
    Thanks for also being so kind to include "overflow" patterns in a future mailing. That is a very nice extra bonus very much appreciated by this knitted dishcloth fanatic!

    What a daunting experience for you this must have been, as well as a labor of love!


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