Saturday, February 10, 2007

Update on Overflow Patterns and Misc

I just wanted to let everyone know that after February 11th (deadline for all email changes or additions) you will receive an email from me inviting you to join a group called "CalendarOverflowPatterns". This is a yahoo group by invite only. After you have been approved to join, you will have access to all the patterns in the "Overflow" document, the corrections to patterns and misc information. It is real important that I have your correct email address, if you have changed it since you originally bought the calendar you probably will not receive an invite. I will be sending out requests starting on February 12th and should be done with the invites and approvals by February 16th, so if you haven't heard by close of business on February 16th, send me a note and I will correct. Thanks to Louann for being a genius and making my life a little easier through this. So this way if you do not want all of them, you can select the one's you do want, so be watching for that email.

Deadline: Orders for the US, outside the US that are using PayPal the deadline is February 20th, orders outside the US, that are manual payments (checks or money orders) the deadline is different, because of the process involved the deadline is February 16th (in my hand deadline). So if you live in Canada, the United Kingdom or other areas outside the US you need to mail it real soon. Please please make sure this is US currency, I have Canada money orders for $17 but only worth $13.91 here and then I have to pay $1.50 to the bank for a processing fee so you can see the problem here.

OK now the FSSG thing...everyone got sssooo excited about this in the MonthlyDishcloth group and I wanted to give you a hint, first off this is for members of the MonthlyDishcloth Group only and it is February Super Surprise Gift and it has to do with candy....so there is a little clue.

Janet Nogle


  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger Teenuh said…

    Well *I* read your blog Ms. Janet. ;) And I bet it has to do with a guess on counting the number of candies in that damn jar!!


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