Monday, January 22, 2007

Update for January 22, 2007

Well I just wanted to post a little more about what is happening with the Calendar. We are almost finished with the calendar as far as fulfilling orders. What started as a little personal calendar for our Yahoo Knitting group turned into a full blown production. This come about because no publishers thought there was an interest in knitting household items so there wasn't any calendar with our interests out there. Looking back I don't know how in the world we pulled this off in three months time. We started this in September after all the other knitting and craft calendars were out there for 2007 and none of them had the patterns we were looking for in a calendar. It does appear (due to numerous requests) that we will do this again for 2008 HOWEVER...it will be ready and on sale in September NOT December 8th...and you will see some needed changes thanks to your feedback. The one thing that I was VERY disappointed in was the delivery of the calendars. It took up to 2 weeks in some instances before they reached their destination and in some instances they never were received and we had to resend. So I am looking into other avenues for delivery. I can't imagine that sending something Priority Mail would take more than three days but the average was running 7 days...not good!!!

I want to thank everyone for your support and understanding through all of this. February 20th is the Cut Off date as mentioned previously in my posts. I have met some great people that I otherwise wouldn't have known. Everyone knows about my addiction to yarn and that I pretty much have it in every room in my house and even hanging from the rafters :) This has lead me to meet some great people who sell on Ebay and one of them I just met recently is such a really nice individual who I have given and will give my business too. Her name is Sheri and I won't share her last name because some people don't appreciate that but I bought some yarn from her and she happened to see my blog and we talked about different things, anyway if you get a chance, visit her at sheracct4 on Ebay. She has some awesome yarn available.

Thanks and I will have more information about calendars later in the year so I hope everyone has a great 2007 and I will be talking with most of you via email. The "Overflow" document will be ready on January 31st and those of you that purchased the calendar will be receiving this via email, so if you think I might not have your email address or you sent me a check or money order for the calendar, you probably need to send me a short (please) note giving me your email address. Those of you who paid via PayPal; I will have your email address but if you bought several calendars, you will need to share that email with the people that you originally gave the calendars to.

Janet Nogle


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