Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UPDATE UPDATE Overflow Document

All the changes submitted have been completed. The documents will be sent out today, any pending or new changes will be done individually and you will receive any that you did not receive from prior mailings. If you have anymore changes just send me an email at jnogle@cox.net AFTER close of business today. Let's wait until then to send out any more changes as I will be doing all the emailing through out the day.

If you haven't received Parts 2-6 by close of business today. then send something to me tomorrow and I will be glad to make any adjustments.

For those still interested in placing an order for the calendar and overflow documents you can order up to FEBRUARY 20TH (Cutoff Date). The process for placing an order is:

Calendar Cost: $12.00
Shipping Cost: $4.05 (within the US)
$7.00 (Outside the US)
Total Cost of 1 calendar shipped within the US: $16.05
Total Cost of 1 calendar shipped outside the US: $19.00

For total cost of more than one calendar, send me an email listing the number of calendars and your location.

Paypal: If you want to order through PayPal, go to their site at paypal.com and "send" money to jnogle@cox.net and as soon as the payment clears I will send out your calendar. This is the quickest way to order.

Check or Money Order: Send to Janet Nogle, 5828 Thames Way, Las Vegas NV 89110

If you want to view what is inside the calendar, check this blog for the month of December, there is a lot of information and photos listed there.

Janet Nogle


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