Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am trying to get the "Overflow" document to everyone, dealing with a very very slow PayPal that is taking me forever to get the info I need and now I am getting emails asking about buying the calendar and I just don't have time to send out all the emails wanting this info so I am going to put it here one more time. If you are inquiring about purchasing the calendar.....

The deadline for ordering is February 20th
the cost is $12 + shipping, shipping in the US is $4.05, shipping outside the US is $7.
Paypal is accepted, send the money to jnogle@cox.net or send a check or money order to Janet Nogle, 5828 Thames Way, Las Vegas NV 89110.

Any other questions that you have can probably be answered by checking this blog address and checking through the info in December.

Janet Nogle


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