Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update On Calendar

Hi everyone...this is a note letting everyone know where the "Overflow" document stands.

First off, it is due to be emailed to everyone today. What is in the document is:

16 Additional Patterns For The Home:

Peas and Carrots Scrubber Cloth
Giraffe Safari Cloth
Cherries Cloth
Waves of Lace Cloth
Diamond & Lace Cloth
Sunflower & Bath Ensemble
Desert Cloth
Salt & Pepper Potholder
Sea Turtle Cloth
Sponge Cloth
Candy Stripes Cloth
Mouse That Roared Cloth
Moss & Leaf Cloth
Purley Moon Cloth
Cookies For Santa Potholder
Halloween Witch Cloth

A List of contributors

Tips and Tricks

Supportive Websites

Knitting Terms and Abbreviations

Pattern Correction (noted in red)


I hope everyone is enjoying there calendars and please remember that February 20th is the cutoff date, everyone that submits an order after that date will be contacted and told that their order can't be processed.

The document will need to be sent in several emails due to the size. If you do not see an email from me on February 1st, please contact me so I can verify one was sent.


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