Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update on Progress of Overflow Invites

I have completed sending all the invitations to those who purchased the calendar and I am working on the "Cleanup" of bad email addresses and general issues with the emails provided. If your email appears on the below list, you will need to send me information on correcting. If you never received an invitation and you purchased the calendar you need to contqact me as well.

juliwyant@bellsouth.net Unreachable
j_blau@bellsouth.net Unreachable
clpeters@bellsouth.net Unreachable
knithappens@bellsouth.net Unreachable

If you have received your invite but are having problems signing in, just go to the website and request membership to the group that way and I will approve the membership manually.

Check this blog often for further information especially if you have not received your invitation yet. Other issues with invitations have been documented this month so you can look at past postings to see if you are listed.

As soon as I get this completed and everyone has their invitations I will post a dishcloth pattern I have been working on. As far as another calendar for 2008......don't even want to think about right now I am ssssoooo behind on everything due to neglect I need some down time from this.

Janet Nogle


  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger melne66 said…


    Bellsouth was doing some maintenance this morning. This may be the reason for so many unreachables with the bellsouth addy. I sent you an email but didn't notice until afterwards that everyone on the list was bellsouth.



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