Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update on Promos

The promotion for one free set of stitch markers with your order will end tonight at midnight. I have been the only one making these so we are starting to run real low. I will make up as many as we need to get through the orders we currently have. The promo for 1 free calendar with the purchase of 5 is still an active promotion.

Still have not purchased your calendar?????

If you go to the PayPal site and send payment for your calendar to jnogle@cox.net you will be guaranteed a copy. Calendar cost is $12.00, shipping within the US is $4.05, Shipping cost for other countries will require an email to me giving me your country name and I will send the info to you. If you submit the wrong amount, it will delay receipt of your calendar.

Thanks and I hope all of you have a great Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Additional Order Info Needed

Hi everyone, got back from the doctor's yesterday (not feeling that great) to find out I have somehow developed Bronchitis. It takes all the energy I have to walk across the room. We even had snow on the ground today.

I need additional information from Annette Naka on her order. I don't have an email address for Annette so if anyone knows her please get word to her to contact me, thanks.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Update Update Update

Well.........they're heerreeeee WOOHOO and they look real nice.

I have really been huffing and puffing over these. The calendars are ready to ship, and will ship via date of request, so if you ordered prior to December 8th the likelihood of those being shipped tomorrow is high. Tuesday we will forge ahead with the 8th-11th and so on. I will try to get all of these shipped to arrive prior to December 25th but I cannot make any guarantees if you didn't pay say until December 14th.

The "Overflow" sheets will not be completed in time to ship with the calendars. The overflow sheets were patterns that I could not squeeze into the calendar, we decided that all patterns submitted by the contributors would be included in this offering. There are 32 patterns in the calendar and the cover letter sent with your calendar lists the remaining patterns that will be sent under separate cover. The number of patterns in the "Overflow" sheets is 14 so we ended up with a total of 46 patterns, just bear with us on getting those to you we are in overload mode right now.

Anyone who has not yet ordered their Knitting calendar for 2007 can still do so, there will be a point where I no longer will take orders due to the fact that this is dated material. You can pay for the calendar by going to the paypal site and sending the correct amount to my email address of jnogle@cox.net. You can check pricing on my blog.

We are still working on the stitch markers and you should see them included with your order or additional info about them, some may be shipped from other parts of the country. I am telling you that so you know we didn't forget you and the stitch markers are still yours, the issue is one person here versus many other talented people in other states involved with our efforts.

I want to say thanks to everyone for being so supportive of what we wanted to do for the knitting groups. You will enjoy these patterns all year long.

Janet Nogle

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I am still way behind on email because I had to finish up the calendar so we can get it printed and I am happy to say that it went to the printer yesterday afternoon WOOHOO

I will have them back in the Friday-Monday time frame and then I will get them out of here. Thanks to all and I appreciate everyone being so patient through this, the promos are still in place. The stitch marker promo will end on Saturday, so any orders received through Saturday will receive the stitch markers (that includes emails dated today, tomorrow and Saturday).

-You can pay with paypal and it will be quicker if you go directly to paypal and use the "send money" mode, just put in my email address of jnogle@cox.net to post the money too. That is the only email set up to receive funds so please make sure you are sending to the correct email. I can also send you an invoice, that will take a little longer however because of the backlog right now.

You can send a check or money order to Janet Nogle, 5828 Thames Way, Las Vegas NV 89110

Calendar is $12.00 + postage of $4.05 if you live in the states
$12.00 + postage of $5.00 if you live in Canada

The remainding options of 2, 3 or 4 calendars will need to go through me to give you the correct postage.

I will update my blog as soon I get the calendars back so everyone knows where this stands.

Janet Nogle

Monday, December 11, 2006

Update On Dishcloth Calendar

Hi all, I am adding a few more photos of patterns that will appear in our calendar. I have been working on trying to finish up the calendar and trying to get through my 2300 emails and I am not making much progress in either area's :((

For the rest of today and all day tomorrow I will be doing nothing except trying to get caught up on the emails, you guys have been so good and patient and I really appreciate that but I know you need answers on somethings and just general info and I apologize for not being able to address those emails. So that is all I am going to do for the next few days.

As far as the calendar goes, I have finally received all of the revisions needed on some of the patterns and the extra patterns that some of the contributors wanted to add. So I need to fix those and start the printing. The thing is there is going to be over 40 patterns instead of the original 30 so you are benefiting on that side. Once I can get through all of these emails I can give you a better date when these will be mailed, if I had to make a quess at this point I would say they are going out next Saturday Dec 16th, they are going priority mail so you will have them the following week. So this is where things stand, I wanted to keep everyone in the loop, I will be emailing those who I have received checks from, most I have already done that on but I received quite a few more today. I hate to disappoint you guys you have been so good about everything, thanks. I just am working from 7am to midnight and this can't be good for someone as old as I am :)

So...the red cloth up there over to the left, that would be one of Rainy's cloth she submitted, it is of some beautiful cherries. Rainy is one of those sweet people that you don't come across very often. She has provided so many free cloths and has helped others with their knitting skills, she is real special.

This gorgeous finger tip towel is from the nice folks at Knitwit Heavens who are very very talented, I must have every pattern they ever came up with. Alli and Lisa are excellent people and we are very fortunate to have them involved with this project.

This whole project only came about in September and to get something of this magatude off the ground in the few months we have had says volumes of the contributors to this project. Now that we know that the bigger knitting calendars out there don't care much about the folks that like kitchen and bath items, we plan to do this again BUT start it MUCH sooner than September.

Again, I just want to thank everyone for their support on this project you guys are just awesome, thanks for loving patterns as much as I do :)

Janet Nogle

Friday, December 08, 2006

This is probably the last update showing photos of what is in our calendar for a while, not because there are not any more to show but because the last 3 submissions were finally received today, looks like others are having problems with deadlines too...but I thought it would be worth your while to hold off completing if we could get more patterns in it, this brings the tally to 40 patterns, that is awesome in the short amount of time we have had to try to develop this calendar get contributors to add their patterns and getting it ready to print and send out to you. The freebys to you of the stitch markers was our way of saying thanks to you guys for working with us on this and finding out what you wanted in a calendar with patterns so we could bring you what you wanted. I don't know how many emails I received saying forget the calendars, just get us patterns...too funny :)

OK, I have some very lllooonnngg nights ahead of me but it looks like, now that everything has been finalized the calendars will start shipping out on Monday or Tuesday, I wanted to get them out like yesterday but working with revisions and additional patterns we will not be able to do that. They are going out priority mail in the states so it really isn't going to slow down them getting to you. I will of course keep everyone updated on the progress so by checking back here once or twice a week you will know where everything stands.

OK...the lovely blue cloth with the tea set (not included ) is from Carol Yates and it is called "Purly Moon" she really did an awesome job of showing off the cloth. Nice job Carol.

The cloth at the bottom is mine, I have a love affair with wolves and Giraffes and had to make sure there was a cloth for one of my favorite animals. It is called "Giraffe Safari" and I introduce a new border stitch for those always looking for something different to frame their cloths. It is a butterfly type of border.

Some info about ordering:
-The cost is $12
-Stitch Markers (set of 4) are free with those ordering between Dec 4-10
-If you purchase 5 calendars, you will receive an additional one for free
-Shipping for US Citizens: 1 calendar= $4.05 / 2 calendars=$6.50 / 3 calendars = $9.00

-International Shoppers can contact me about your shipping charges.
-You can pay for the calendars with a check, money order or PayPal. Just contact me and let me know how many calendars you want to order. If you live in the US or another country and supply the country name, I will send you back a PayPal invoice. For those of you familiar with the PayPal site, if you know your total amount, you can pay directly from the Paypal site by using my email address as the individual receiving the funds and that address is jnogle@cox.net
-If you are sending a check or money order, you need to make the check out to Janet Nogle and send it to: Janet Nogle/5828 Thames Way / Las Vegas, NV 89110.

I am still pushing through all my emails and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for all of your support on this project.
Janet Nogle

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Calendar Update-December 6th

I wanted to add a few more patterns for those checking my blog during the introduction of our "Calendar". The one on the left is a pattern by Crys Manship. We are always looking for patterns we can use with our awesome variegated yarns, this would look good in either solids or variegated. This doubles as a Potholder or a Cloth to, however you want to use it.

This pattern was submitted by Carol Calloway. It is a double knit pattern and there is lots of information on this technique at about.com if you have never tried it.

Reminder For Calendar:

The cost of the calendar is $12.00
Stitch marker set is free if you order between Dec4-10
If you purchase 5 calendars, you receive an extra one for free.

Shipping for US citizens: 1 one calendar is $4.05 / 2 calendars $6.50 / 3 calendars $9.00

International shoppers can contact me about your shipping charges.

You can pay for the calendar with a check, money order or PayPal. Just contact me and let me know how many you would like to order, If you live in the US or another country and supply the country name and I will send you back a PayPal invoice. If you are sending a check or money order, you need to make it out to Janet Nogle and send it to: Janet Nogle, 5828 Thames Way, Las Vegas, NV 89110

I have over 1100 emails right now and I am getting to you, just remember that I am finalizing the calendar and taking orders , I will get to you and thanks for all of your orders and your patience. I will put some more pattern photos on my blog by Friday. Have a great day :)

Janet Nogle

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Calendar Update-December 5th

I wanted to add some more photos from our Calendar so you can see what is in store for you.

We are finalizing all of the patterns and we think you will enjoy making all of these great items. I have a knitting friend in another state and when I told her what we were going to do she commented that I was wasting all of that space with a calendar. That just shows you how dedicated we knitters are.

The first cloth to the left of your screen belongs to Kay Gardiner, an expert when it comes to knitting and laughing. Her cloth is named "Lobby" and I will bet that this pattern shows up in her next book. Her first book was a great success. We believe in supporting those that give back to the knitting community and she has certainly done that. You can see more of Kay's work at:

The set to the left of your screen is called "Hearts Desire" by Maile Mauch and is gorgeous. The set includes a washcloth, back scrubber and heart sachet.

Just as an upate on our calendar:
The Calendar is $12 each

If you purchase 5 calendars, one additional calendar is free

If you order between now and December 10th you will receive a free set (4) of stitch markers.
Shipping Charge: US orders is $4.05 for one, $6.50 for two, $9.00 for three, $10.50 for four and $12.00 for five.
International orders: Contact Janet Nogle jnogle@cox.net for pricing
We will accept Paypal, check or money order for payment.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at jnogle@cox.net

Monday, December 04, 2006


I forgot to tell everyone the calendar is $12.00 I mentioned it in other posts but was sssooo excited I totally forgot :(


I forgot to tell everyone the calendar is $12.00 I mentioned it in other posts but was sssooo excited I totally forgot :(

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dishcloth Calendar Update

Todays update will let you see another peek at some of the cloths that will be included with the calendar. I will even tell you the name of some of the cloths that will be included. Rhonda White, who is already published with "Spa & Bath Sets to Knit", an awesome book with face cloths and sets will introduce her new cloth "Raspberries-Knitted Dishcloth", Kay Gardiner who is co-author of "Mason-Dixon Knitting" a MUST read, has contributed her latest "Lobby" cloth and you can see a photo of Kay's cloth at her website:
http://www.masondixonknitting.com. Some other cloths : Star Kissed, Sunflower Ensemble, Moss and Leaf Cloth, Diamond and Lace Cloth/Towel sets and many others.

We will open up the processing of orders on December 4th with a ship date of December 8th, the week of December 4th date is our "Pre-Order" promo and a gift of 4 stitch markers will be included on all orders generated from Dec 4th-10th.

An email has been set up for all inquiries due to the large volume of emails about the calendar. We are pleased that so many people are interested. The calendar email address is dicalendar@cox.net You can also send a note to jnogle@cox.net as well. We have also been getting lots of mail in regards to the shipping charges. We are setting up that information as well and we may offer one charge for domestic and one charge for International to simplify the process. We will be offering special pricing for 5 calendars or more ordered, we know some may want to order as Christmas gifts so will be offering those buying 5 calendars or more a free calendar, if you purchase 5, you will be shipped 6 calendars, so be watching for more information on that. Thanks for everyone's interest in our calendar, we are so glad that everyone is so supportive of our efforts.

Janet Nogle